Filters - Nanofiber filters for masks (Pack of 6 filters)

Our filters are made by a company in the USA that was designing reusable filters to keep the air in your home clean. With the onset of COVID-19 and the required use of face masks to prevent the spread of coronavirus, they decided to focus on a way to help. What they came up with is a filter that is made up of polypropylene, not fiberglass, which is spun-wound and non-woven, with a nano fiber fine filtration layer and surface layer of non-woven polyester. In short, the combination of the filters and the fabric used in these face masks filter up to 95% of airborne particles coming through the mask including bacteria and viruses. Compare this to cotton or cloth face masks that filter about 10%, or double cotton face masks with non-woven, fusible interfacing, which filter about 17%, and you'll see the level of protection these face masks provide.