Turn your mask into a masterpiece

Color-and-Go lets budding artists explore their own style by providing a canvas they can use over and over again. And the best part is, they can wear their creations daily! The custom designs provide inspiration while leaving plenty up to the imagination. The washable markers limit the mess, and make this a repeatable activity that never gets old.

Great for remote learning, virtual playdates, learning pods, and more!

Kids will love coloring masks on their own or as a group activity, then showing off their style onscreen. The mask design themes can be integrated into lesson plans on space exploration, story books, etc. They also work great for socially distant kids birthday parties.

Photo Gallery - Email us at info@color-and-go.com

Grown-ups love them too!

"This was a fun activity for us...my 90-year old mom is very impressed with the quality material, especially because the ear loops give a comfortable, secure fit!! Kudos to you for this initiative!"